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#2 介護・福祉レンタカー

#2 Rental car services for disabled people (ENG ver.)

今まで取材した場所が地図上で表示されます。     +で拡大、-で縮小できます↑



東京都三鷹市にある『有限会社 移動サポート』。




取材協力:有限会社 移動サポート
制   作:ODA
撮影・編集:山口真弓/Mayumi Yamaguchi
出   演:織田友理子/Yuriko Oda


" Wheelchair Walker"#2 is rental car services for disabled people.        
Ido support Co., Ltd. is located in Mitaka-shi.

There are 18 rental cars with special equipment for disabled people. 
The cost is almost the same as regular car rentals. 
You will find a perfect car to rent at this place if you are disabled or you would like to travel with disabled people.              
We hope more places become accessible for wheelchair users.            


Cooperation coverage by Ido support Co., Ltd.          
Produced by ODA
Cinematography and Editing by Mayumi Yamaguchi
Reported by Yuriko Oda




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